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First 2 week of school
Saturday, July 7, 2012 | 10:52 PM | 0 hearts♥
Tomorrow, I will be stronger than yesterday.

Hi guys! Found many many motivational pixs on photobucket and it's inspirational to me but i don't know whether it will be to you! hehe i will post one everytime i blog, so up there that's one of them! The past 2 weeks had been great, not much problems but i really hate the part about having to wake up super early for school and going for the assembly in the morning cause i'am FOREVER SWEATING at the parade square like a freaking sauna! urgh sad life... Had a great time yesterday, woke up at 8 and started practicing in the morning for my drum exam at 11.50, wow and the examiner is extremely friendly, he keeps saying 'good job','you're doing very well today', 'keep it up' and all those encouraging words, he's awesome! He came all the way from Australia just to test us.. And thanks to Chelsea daddy, Amelia B2st, Elaine ljaewook, Jolene Chantelleeeee and Jolene Monkey Tan and some others for the encouraging texts in the morning cause it really helps! i wasn't as nervous as i was the other time when i was taking the previous exam! omg thankyou guys^^ loveeeee.
Yup and after that went for cca in the afternoon, really glad i didn't pon cuz Elaine jio-ed me to bugis and  it's TEMPTING and i really really REALLY wanna go but i must set good example for the juniors...and after  session went to 4th floor cause my juniors said there was some balloon ghost or something on the 4th floor girls' toilet...hmm i was really curious cuz i never heard anything about that myself before so jessel and I just went with the juniors to take a look... and.... i'm not going to reveal what i saw cause i swear no one will believe me... yup so that's it! i don't believe in it, cause we all didn't do anything bad. 

Oh yess this is my teeth that is extracted! haha it's disgusting la but i think it's very cool so i'm showing you guys. hehe i got 4 of those teeths. It's really different from those baby/milk tooth that we pluck out when we are young. And the first time i see the teeth, i feel it's too amazing cause the roots are so damn long like a vampire teeth, hehe.

And lastly, went for drum lessons in the afternoon.. i really wanna go scape during saturday nights! it's so lively and everyone can party like mad there! So much atmosphere over there. Yup, and there's this Sistar song i like very much now, it's called 'Loving U' & i'm loving it! Go listen if you're free, haha okay bye bye!