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Sunday, June 24, 2012 | 10:44 PM | 0 hearts♥
Rainbow represents how i feel every single day. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes envy.

 I'll always try to be yellow. heehee.
haha hi guys, see i told ya i'll be back today! 

Tada! here is my 2 albums i've got today! One is CNBLUE Ear Fun album and the other is Exo-k's MAMA album! I'm YELLOW  today! veryvery yellow! :)

Thanks Lydia for the starbucks treat today!
Mine is caramel frappuccino while her's is java chip! Super nice, haha thanks bro!

And here, is my products for today! albums and my pink half studded shorts. Went to orchard central to see see look look shop shop, awesome place.
Next, our dinner at pastamania!
Dory fish baked rice and mushroom+sausage baked rice! Delicious yumyum, super long never eat already ley hahaha, FINALLY.
Super fun day la ok! I always love going out with my friends cuz well, they just make my day! 
Yup so now, 10.42pm. It's time to face the devils tomorrow cause i haven't finished 4 of my homeworks. Praying that they won't ask for it! haha, yeah i hate to say this, but school starts TOMORROW. NO I DON'T WANT. ): damn...but heng tmr no shitty timetable, heehee. THANKSMAN.
so, i hope all those who never done their homework to not face the devil tmr okay? Jiayou for schooling/working/slacking everyone! Too busy shop/eat/sleep till no time to camwhore ): I shall blog really soon! bb! :)